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Asha Tea House, San Francisco

Sign Style
Dimensions 48" x 24"
4" hollow box, 2.5" inner slot, 1/2" thick wood. Internal ribs keep it flat.
Artwork size 43" x 20"
No. of pieces 15 / side
No. of sides Two sided on separate boards sandwiching existing blade sign 
Artwork Color
Black acrylic
Backer Board Color
Water-resistant wood in Natural
Installation Blade sign
Use Outdoor use
Artwork file Artwork file received
Turnaround Standard turnaround
In-hands date None

Two signs built as a 5 sided box to slide over existing blade sign.

Asha Tea House, San Francisco
Please note that the mockup shown is a rough sketch, and results will vary. For a closer look at the material, please see link listed in the Color section.