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Britney Moore Photography

Sign Style
  1. Large sign: 70" x 29"
  2. Small sign: 35" x 14.5"
Thickness 3/4"
Artwork size
  1. Large sign: 60" x 17.5"
  2. Small sign: 30" x 8.7"
No. of pieces 19
No. of sides 1
Artwork Color
Painted acrylic in Gold 
Backer Board Color Water resistant wood in Torched 
  1. Large sign: Wall hanging - includes keyhole slots and hardware
  2. Small sign: Hanging sign - includes eyelets. Chain not included.
Sign bracket
Not included, but can be purchased by request.
Use Outdoor use (both)
Artwork file Artwork needed Upload »
Turnaround Standard turnaround: Order will ship from studio 1/18/2016-1/29/2016 
In-hands date None
Britney Moore Photography
Please note that the mockup shown is a rough sketch, and results will vary. For a closer look at the material, please see link listed in the Color section.