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Sign Style Etched
Dimensions 72" x 30"
Thickness .75"
Color Midnight
Installation Wall display, includes wall cleat, hardware and instructions.
Sign Bracket
Not included, but can be purchased by request.
Visibility Artwork etched on one side only
Use Indoor use only 
Artwork file Artwork received

On a wall in our office building

For a sign this size, we're recommending 3/4" birch ply in midnight for the main board, with light wood veneer artwork for crisp contrast. This will produce a result very similar to the mockup shown on this page.

Sign hangs via wall cleat (it is too large for keyhole slots), and will have a 3/4" air space between it and the wall. 

Please note that the mockup shown is a rough sketch, and results will vary. For a closer look at the material, please see link listed in the Color section.