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Southern Marin Fire District

Sign Style Flat, laser scored wood with black paint filled artwork Example
Dimensions 96" x 84" 
Thickness ~6" - hollow box construction for weight savings and appropriate visual heft. Example
Color HydroWood in natural, black filled artwork. Example
Installation Hanging in front of a wall, back not exposed. 
Sign Bracket
Not included, but can be purchased by request.
Visibility Artwork etched on one side only
Use Outdoor use
Artwork file Vector file generated for customer by Tinkering Monkey

In front of our fire station

Sign will be fairly heavy. Includes heavy duty hardware for hanging on a flat wall. Brick / masonry walls will require a rotary hammer and appropriate wall fasteners.

For a sign this size, we recommend building it as a hollow box. This increases the visual thickness while decreasing the overall weight of the sign. To ensure a long life outdoors, we use both screws and glue to construct the box, which means some fasteners will be visible around the edges of the sign. Here's an example of what that looks like:

We're recommending score & paint instead of engraving the wood, due to size. Engraving would drive the price up quite a bit, since it would mean many hours in our machine. The only difference is that the artwork is flat on the wood, rather than engraved into it. Both versions have painted artwork, so the look will be the same when viewed from a distance over 10 feet.

Local pickup or courier required

Southern Marin Fire District
Please note that the mockup shown is a rough sketch, and results will vary. For a closer look at the material, please see link listed in the Color section.