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Sign Style Illuminated
Dimensions 96" x 30"
Thickness 1"
Artwork Color
Installation Wall hanging - includes keyhole slots and hardware
Wiring type TBD 
Use Indoor use only
Artwork file
Artwork file received 
Plug Three prong North American plug, 110-220V

This sign will be our main brand wall, displayed on an interior wall about 10-15 feet off the ground.

Each piece is individually lit, and will have 2 wires on the back. The hanging template will indicate where to drill the wall for the wire.

We highly recommend hiring an electrician for in-wall wiring.

Sign includes two power supplies - wiring for half the sign goes to each one.

To receive by March 31, 2016

1. Place order  March 1, 2016
2. Production method

By Mar. 1 - Standard production

After Mar. 1 - Express Production

3. Shipping method FedEx Ground
Please note that the mockup shown is a rough sketch, and results will vary. For a closer look at the material, please see link listed in the Color section.